Saturday 16th October | 930am - 5pm in Torquay, Devon

On this workshop we will look at our individual Doshas (constitutions) and create an understanding of what this means for us as we begin the cooler Autumn and Winter months.

Morning session will be 930am - 1230pm

Discussion about season and cyclical awareness, followed by a Yoga practice which focuses upon the respiratory system, healthy respiration, and our immunity.

At lunchtime you will have the opportunity to try some (non alcoholic) 'Fire Cider', a homemade tonic for boosting digestion, circulation and respiratory function during the cooler seasons.

Afternoon session 2pm - 5pm

We will look at our respiratory anatomy (including the nose), microbiome, immune functioning, daily routines, diet and lifestyle, Helpful Ayurvedic herbs for winter immunity as well as self massage and cleansing. This will be followed by a restful, restorative and grounding Yoga practice and a Yoga Nidra.

The option of completing a dietary cleanse with support is available after completion of the workshop (a cleanse kit will be available on request to purchase which contains everything you need).

A follow up email will be sent with links and information, including recipes, recommendations for Ayurvedic herbs and immune boosting tonics and lifestyle practices.

The cost £45 for the whole day. Booking is essential and is done with Yoga Torquay

You will be sent an Ayurvedic questionnaire to complete and return to Virginia about one week before the workshop.

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