Sunday 10th April 2022 at Yoga Torquay

This full day of immersing into all things menopausal consists of three sessions, costs are all detailed at the end of the page. You are welcome to attend all three sessions or to come along to just one or two. Of course I would recommend joining all three so that you get the complete experience!

All sessions will include information on Ayurvedic perspectives as well as Yoga approaches to managing this life stage.

The schedule for the day is below.

  • 930am - 1230pm: Menopause and physical health, including pelvic organ health and pelvic floor issues, bone density, changes in metabolism and overall health and wellness in the physical body during this time of transition. Yoga for our physical health, vitality and wellness as well as dietary recommendations, herbs and lifestyle practices.

  • 2pm - 5pm: Menopause and emotional health, anxiety, insomnia and dealing with challenging change. Techniques, diet and herbs for helping with our emotional wellbeing and mental health. Yoga for grounding and calming.

  • 6pm - 9pm: Menopause and being a woman. What does this life stage represent and how can we enjoy and embrace it? The importance of rest. Yoga Nidra and restorative practices. The eastern perspective on this life stage, coming into our power and embracing our creativity. Finding your voice. Enjoying and leading a fulfilling life.

1 session £27 | 2 sessions £45 | 3 sessions £63 Booking is directly with Yoga Torquay

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