Autumn 2022

Saturday 17th September 10-5pm
Autumn Equinox Day Retreat
in partnership with with Aliasanayoga

Come and join us for a beautiful day of Autumn blessings.

We will practise a yoga flow in the morning focusing on the gratitude we have for all the experiences and joy we have had through the summer months and now we celebrate harvest and abundance before we begin to settle into the warm coming of the dark season, a time to naturally rest, heal and nurture our body, mind and soul.

This is a time to nourish and build our bodies ready to support us through the next season of winter.

We will have a lovely autumnal themed lunch before we step fully nourished into an afternoon of Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an ancient holistic health system originating form India and is the ‘sister science’ of Yoga. This way of managing our health and wellness uses the elements and nature to help us to prevent and treat imbalances in the bodymind. It looks at our individual constitution (called our dosha) and uses simple accessible techniques to help you to achieve and maintain your optimum state of health. If you already have some knowledge of Ayurveda let's build on this, if you have no knowledge then you are so very welcome and let us begin! This workshop will be suitable for everyone.

Following an introduction to Ayurveda, all participants will have the opportunity to complete a dosha questionnaire and to gain a basic understanding of their individual constitutional type. Food guidelines, herbs, daily routines and practices will be shared and discussed so you are able to make an Ayurvedic wellness plan for yourself.

As it will be Autumn and this is an ideal time to complete a cleanse we will discuss cleansing techniques and practices according to Ayurveda. These include daily practices as well as the traditional Ayurvedic deep cleanse practice of Panchakarma. Due to the season we will also look at winter wellness and how we can continue to maintain our health and more specifically immunity to carry us through the cooler winter months. A hand out will be provided, it is suggested that you being a pen and paper as well as an open mind and a sense of humour! This workshop will be fun, lively, interactive and engaging whilst seeking to empower you to radically self care.

The cost of this day retreat is £75. Booking is dircetly with Alison of Aliasanayoga

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