The Matangi Movement

The Matangi movement is here for all those who feel unheard, unseen, pushed aside and marginalised. This is offered via Patreon. Here I share writing and poetry, practices, thoughts and feelings. This includes a pilgrimage walk in June 2022. 

Matangi is an outcaste from society, a poet, a creative, an artist. She lives by her intuitive knowing and gut instincts. She is not welcome in polite circles and she doesn’t care.

She sees injustice and inequality and will not tolerate this. She represents and speaks for many. Matangi is there for the forgotten ones, the silent ones, those on the edges of society who are too afraid or hesitant to voice themselves. Matangi tells stories, tales of empowerment, giving all a voice, freedom to be authentic, to stand empowered and strong and to never ever be silenced again. 

Welcome to the Matangi movement. You are so very welcome here.
Please click here for more details and to join. Matangi Movement 

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